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Yandere!2p!Italy x Male!Reader

A noice in the stomach could be heard.

The rightful owner was (M/n), who was blushing from the outburst.

How embarrassing...

~End of Flashback~

(M/n) was just eating-specifically, gobbling, up nearly 3 plates of Luciano's freshly home-made spaghetti. The answer to how you were even consuming such amount was spectacular to Luciano, but he couldn't careless about the mess you were making right now.

You glanced up at Luciano to have a glimpse of his appearance. Although, when you did, his magenta-coloured eyes  were staring right at you. You could feel an electrifying tingle down your spine as your body shocked, which Luciano noticed completely. His usual poker face suddenly transformed with his lips curving into a smirk, and his eyes half-lidded. It's almost as if he fully knew what was inside your mind.

After seeing Luciano's face, you felt your cheeks burning up immediately. Your eyes stared right at the plate you were eating, with your mouth full of spaghetti. All you could think about was his appearance.

Dark brown hair.

Magenta-coloured eyes.

Tan skin.

Why did it feel as if you were somehow familiar with this man? Was there even a connection between the both of you? And why was he wearing a uniform that looks like it was from World War 2?

These thoughts were making your head throb painfully, so you decided to stop thinking about it and finally ask him the important question.

"L-Luciano-k-kun, what happened to m-me..?" (M/n) asked with his lips and teeth trembling.

" Oh, that-a? Don't-a worry, my-a amore! You-a just woke-a up from a car accident. It's nothing to-a worry about!" Luciano reassured me. His smirk never faltering while his eyes slowly widened with insanity whirling inside his dark pink eyes. No, wait, they've suddenly turned red.

You smiled cheekily just as you were swallowing your last bite of spaghetti. You kept thinking why you couldn't remember anything at all despite the fact that you knew time would be the only solution, or so you thought.

The only way is for me to trust this man because he seems nice...I guess.. (M/n) wondered.

You jumped a bit from your seat when you heard a sudden chuckle from the man in front of you.

"(M/n), oh-a, (M/n). I told-a you NOT to worry about-a it. And you can trust-a me, you-a know? Why -a are you so-a hesitant? I'm just-a a nice and-a caring close friend of-a yours. I-a promise you that-a I'll protect you from-a any harm. There's no need to be afraid of me."

Wait, were you saying that loud enough for him to hear or did he just read your mind? That last line made you confused because there was no Italian accent at all, but you decided to shrug it off. I mean, he did say that he was your close friend right? It's normal for friends to trust each other, no matter what the cost is.

So, you smiled happily for the first time after the accident from the "car crash" and  gladly accepted him as your friend by shaking hands bowing to him. When you were shaking his hand, you could feel a shiver from him.

Luciano was just smiling like how he normally do-a sadistic and insane smile. How lucky was he? Finally touching his (M/n)...Oh, the thought of touching him in bed would be marvelous for him! But he should wait for the right moment at the right time. Besides, good things happened to those who wait, correct? Yes, good things will happen to him.

Everything will always be according to plan, just as how Luciano likes it to be formed.

After shaking his hand, you stopped mid-way. Why did it feel so familiar to you? Have this happened before in your lifetime? You couldn't feel anything from your waist to the legs anymore so you came crashing down the hard and solid wood. However, before your head got injured again, arms suddenly surrounded your waist as someone kept shouting your name repeatedly.

You fell unconscious, again.


(M/n) walked inside the tall building, trying to build up enough courage so that he wouldn't faint. Why, you ask? Amongst the thousands and thousands of applications people gave to them, they chose his. They thought that his was the best, although, (M/n) could not believe it. He was bewildered!-but, relieved and happy. He would finally get his dream job at last!

What is his dream job? Well, his dream job is to work as a boss of a big-no, HUGE company. It seemed to good to be true, as if it was just another miracle to come by. That if he walked away, this would've never happened tomorrow. (M/n) shook his head, and faintly smiled.

He was almost there to his office, so there's no time to lose.

I need to do this! He thought, and well, ran towards the office.

He should've stopped running when he saw a much bigger shadowy body than his in front of him. He should've just speed-walked rather than run impatiently. He should've just avoid his own cruel fate, so that they won't even meet or know each other.

But it was inevitable.


"O-ouchhh...O-oh my g-glob! A-are you okay, s-sir? D-did I hurt y-you in any way? I'm s-so sorry!" (M/n) teared up, fearing the worst. He really hoped that the man wasn't injured.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOIN-O-oh, hello-a t-there, bella! What-a seems to-a be the problem?" The man wearing a uniform asked nicely, quickly hiding the sharp and shiny knife.

He was going to stab you because you crashed into him, but he decided to stop as there was a cute girl in front of him!

You, on the other hand, were confused of his language. You didn't understand Italian, that's for sure. So you looked up at him, your eyes widening from staring right at his eyes.

I-I think I l-like him...
I-a think I-a love her...
My Heart: Yandere!2p!Italy x Male!Reader Part 3
Bella~Beautiful Girl
He actually thinks you're a girl. XD
2p Italy does not belong to me!
You belong to him~
And as always, stay awesome! :D
(H/c) -> Hair colour
(Y/s) -> Your size
(E/c) -> Eye colour

Komaeda x Reader
Title: Love and Hope

"Ne, Komaeda-kun?" You asked while gently twirling around a piece of Komaeda's white soft hair.

On the other hand, your (H/c) hair was spread out evenly across the smooth bed sheet. In fact, any boy could be jealous right now. Jealous of him. What was the reason you're with him on the bed? Simple, you and Komaeda were playing hide-and-seek but you lost by hiding in his cottage. In. His. Cottage.

Anyways, when he found you, he quickly wrapped his arm around your fragile waist and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. The next thing you knew, you were carried bride-style, gently being placed on his bed.

"What is it, my lovely (Y/n)~?" Your boyfriend-Ahem, lover, asked.

Both of you were lying on his bed in his cottage. He was on top of you, his head carefully placed on your (Y/s) breasts. His eyes were closed tightly as he was smiling like a maniac. What was he thinking about? You, of course. You're the only one who's important to him.

Despite the fact that he would always be talking about how he's trash, you treated a real person. That he is loved. That he is important in this cruel world. In YOUR world. He loves you, and you love him. Nothing could be better for both of you than being in each other's arms. Now, let's get back to the story.

"Y-you'll always be with me, r-right? You won't leave me all by myself, K-Komaeda-kun? Y-you won't abandon me like how they did, right?" You were a stuttering mess underneath him, but your eyes showed it all. Your pupils were dilated from the horrifying fear you had.

You were scared of being alone, with no one to be with.

It's so ironic, isn't it?

After all, you are the Ultimate *Lover. You were talented in making people comfortable towards the person they love and you could make anyone love you because of your personality, appearance and humour. But they avoided you, thinking that you were some joke. You helped them here and there, but that was it.

They didn't want you.

They didn't like you.

They didn't notice you.

It really is sad, huh? To be left alone, no friends and no one to love you whatsoever...

But it's alright. Komaeda's here, and he'll ALWAYS be with you. What made Komaeda *hopelessly in love with you?

If you were alone with a person in a room, in less than 5 minutes, you could make that person falling for you immediately. That's how great your talent is. But since no one bothered making a conversation with you except Komaeda, no one had actually loved you. When you arrived at the island for the Field Trip, Komaeda was the first one to talk to you. When both of your eyes met, you could tell it was love at first sight. You and Komaeda never separated from that day onwards.

Komaeda just chuckled from your silly question. Honestly, he thought it was cute that you were afraid of him leaving you. His response just made your fear-stricken face turn into a tomato.

"I won't leave you, (Y/n)-chan. You're too precious and full of hope for that. I won't live if my hope isn't with me~", he moved a bit until he was looking directly at your hypnotizing (E/c) eyes.

"You were the one who saved me from despair in the first place."

Those few moments of staring into each other's eyes felt like years, but both of you didn't care about what was happening in the surroundings. You genuinely smiled and kissed him, moaning into the kiss.

"I can't believe you would fall in love for trash like me..." That response had only made you frown.

"I love you, Nagito-kun."

Soon, the kiss turned into a hard make-out session which ended up fighting for dominance instead. Komaeda's tongue roamed and tasted every corner of your sweet mouth, and in exchange, you tasted his. Even if you were the Ultimate *Lover, you don't stand a chance defeating the Ultimate Luckster. He was just so lucky to win.

A thick string of saliva connected both of your tongues as you separated for fresh air. You broke the string by simply licking your lips. His luscious lips...his sparkling eyes...his olive skin...What could be better?

You were blushing furiously after thinking wonderful and sexual fantasies of him, with just you and him kissing passionately under the star-filled sky. Sadly, it was just a mere daydream.

Komaeda started to make butterfly kisses around your face and collarbone as his soft lips tickled your skin. You felt as if you were safe whenever you're with him. He would be the only one to protect you, and you liked it.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you stared lustfully at his eyes, all you could see was pure love and hope just for you.

You hoped you were ready.

He hoped you were ready, but he could just wait for you if you don't want to.

This is what you've finally wanted, right?

Komaeda grinned, licking his lips. "I love you too, (Y/n)-chan..."
Danganronpa Komaeda x Reader [Love and Hope]
Game does not belong to me~!
You belong to Komaeda! :D
And as always, stay awesome!


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